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ICUK, organisers of the successful London Investor Show, last year launched a one-day conference and event for private investors dedicated to exploring this area in more detail. Providing education and information on sustainable and social investing, giving private investors more insight, more knowledge, and more confidence to make the decisions best suited to your own interpretation of how you can invest “for good”.

Now in its second year, The Sustainable and Social Investing Conference (Sustain. Social) seeks to address many of the questions often asked by investors looking for more information on how to navigate this area, prior to making your choices.


Topics: Rise of ESG investing, Climate Crisis, Natural Capital Investing, Purpose-Washing, Post-COVID Investing, Climate Finance, Healthcare.

Key Speakers: 13, including Gavin Oldham, Justin Stewart, John Featherby, Jamie Broderick, Gervais Williams, Ben Constable Maxwell, Yves Messy, etc.

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