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Phenix Digital Impact Symposium is a highly curated institutional investor event. The 2021 Phenix Digital Impact Symposium will welcome institutional investors and asset owners around the globe for a two part-day programme with investment game-changing discussions on Sustainable & Impact Investing.

In parallel and around the two-day programme, asset owners are invited to participate in the virtual InvestorConnect sessions – an efficient way to explore scalable impact investment opportunities across all asset classes, SDGs and impact themes. InvestorConnect consists of pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with a curated group of impact fund managers.

The event encourages meaningful peer-to-peer dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of integrating impact investments into an institutional portfolio, and the creation of a collaborative community.


Topics: Environmental aspects of impact investing, Social aspects of impact investing, InvestorConnect

Key Speakers: Yasemin Lamy, Barbara Rambousek, Karen Shackleton, Soňa Stadtelmeyer-Petrů, Emily Thomas, Sean Gilbert

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