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The pandemic has served as the first real proof-point for sustainability, underlining the fact that ESG investing does not in fact come at a cost, but rather can future-proof investments. We have seen mounting government and social pressure on asset owners, pushing them to consider how ESG factors may progressively impact financial return.

Growing numbers are examining how best to use the latest metrics, standards, and data to integrate ESG across all their portfolios. The need to develop a coherent strategy that will allow them to create market beating returns for stakeholders means the industry must find a universal dialogue around the objectives they are seeking to meet.

The peer-led agenda developed for the 2021 Institutional ESG Investment Summit in London will bring together the community of senior investment officers, ESG and responsible investing experts from pension plans, insurers, foundations and endowment funds to deliver both strategic insights and tactical guidance on how to accelerate ESG integration plans, scale ground-breaking sustainable and social products, access verified data, and refine engagement strategy.


Topics: ESG Risk & Reporting, Climate Change, Investment Data & Opportunity Analysis, Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management

Key Speakers: 34, including Will Wilson, Victoria Baron, Sindhu Krishna, Sonia Gogna, Sébastien Thévoux-Chabuel, Sarita Gosrani, Sally Bridgeland, etc.

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