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The COVID-19 crisis, which has hit vulnerable sections of society the hardest, has amplified the importance of sustainable and impact investing in any post-pandemic future. With the disastrous effects of climate change and a deteriorating environment already being felt around the world, channelling private capital to positive social and environmental initiatives has become even more vital. In Asia, the pandemic may have changed attitudes positively towards recognising and harnessing the power of impact and sustainable investing. Will this enhanced attention provide more investment opportunities with a positive environmental, social and governance impact? What needs to occur for impact and sustainable investing to become mainstream in Asia?


Participants: 450+

Topics: Net-zero ESG Investment, Impact Investing in Asia, Harnessing Technology for Good

Key Speakers: 45+, including Mehvesh Ahmed, Kelvin Blacklock, Cristina Bueti, Sylvia Chen, Douglas Chow, Pratima Divgi, Clara Feng, etc.

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