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Eureka! Social Track encourages ideas that cater to people at the bottom of the pyramid and or for a greener tomorrow. Does your innovative idea try to solve the problem of society as well as make money? Then do register for the Social track.


  • Start-ups which have been incorporated for more than two years (i.e. registered on or before 6th September 2018) are not eligible to participate in the Social track of Eureka! 2020.
  • There is no restriction on any individual to participate. Anyone, from students to working professionals across the world, can participate.
  • Ventures that have acquired funding from external investor-networks (angels, VC’s, etc.) cannot participate. We believe in promoting startups that require assistance in the form of seed capital, mentoring and various types of consultancies.
  • The plan should solve a critical social and/or environmental problem in an innovative and transformational way.
  • The mission and practices of the venture must focus on quantifiable social return.
  • The venture must be for-profit and financially viable; non-profit entries will not be accepted.
  • Past year winners are not allowed to take part again this year.


  • INR 1.5 Lakh will be given to the winner, INR 1 Lakh will be given to the runner-up.

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