Like every year, there will be some engaging sustainability conferences and events coming your way in 2021. We have identified a list of the best ones here to be on your radar.

Top Sustainability Conferences in August

17 August, Virtual Event

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The South China Morning Post’s Asia Sustainability Conference returns once again this year as a virtual conference bringing together business leaders, sustainability practitioners and policy makers from Hong Kong and across the region to discuss and debate how we can change the way we do things today to build back better in order to protect our planet and improve lives and livelihoods.

Over the course of three days, experts will deliberate on key issues, growth opportunities and urgent priorities in sustainable investments, sustainable technology, and diversity and inclusion.

Top Sustainability Conferences in September

8 September, Virtual Event

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The 2021 Investing for Good Asia helps you to connect with policy-makers, thought leaders, climate experts and impact investors to exchange ideas on sustainability, green policies and technology for good. Understand the implications and importance of impact investing, and the way ahead for Asia. Discover what needs to be done for impact and sustainable investing to become mainstream in Asia.

14 - 15 September, Virtual Event

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Phenix Digital Impact Symposium will welcome institutional investors and asset owners around the globe for a two part-day programme with investment game-changing discussions on Sustainable & Impact Investing. In parallel and around the two-day programme, asset owners are invited to participate in the virtual InvestorConnect sessions - an efficient way to explore scalable impact investment opportunities across all asset classes, SDGs and impact themes. InvestorConnect consists of pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with a curated group of impact fund managers.

15 - 16 September, London, United Kingdom

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The 2021 Institutional ESG Investment Summit will bring together the community of senior investment officers, ESG and responsible investing experts from pension plans, insurers, foundations and endowment funds to deliver both strategic insights and tactical guidance on how to accelerate ESG integration plans, scale ground-breaking sustainable and social products, access verified data, and refine engagement strategy.

23 - 24 September, Virtual Event

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Impact Investing World Forum is the leading impact investing and ESG conference in the UK. It focuses on the social impact of all types of investments including social impact bonds, stocks, private equity, investment banking, fintech, tech, bank, technology, social finance, finance, blockchain, sustainability, responsible investing, sustainable investing, venture capital, wealth management, family office, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, hedge funds, money, capital markets and charitable foundations and trusts world wide.

28 -29 September, Virtual Event

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This SEWF 2021 conference will help you connect with thousands of leading social entrepreneurs, access world-class content and be part of the world’s largest social enterprise conversation. With a spotlight on Canada, the two-day programme will feature keynotes and plenaries with live Q&A, online networking and a virtual marketplace giving you the opportunity to connect, learn and be inspired. Speakers will include leading social entrepreneurs and changemakers from across the world with over 3,000 participants from over 70 countries.

Top Sustainability Conferences in October

6 - 8 October, Virtual Event

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GSG Global Impact Summit is one of the most influential impact investing events, delivering impact solutions for people and the planet. Over three days, the participants come together to work on a global recovery from Covid-19 and shape solutions towards a just and sustainable future. The event will also discover the best initiatives and real-world examples through engaging discussions, sharing practical tools and solutions to empower and inspire.

18 - 22 October, VIrtual Event

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SOCAP21 is one of the largest gatherings of investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders who come together to accelerate progress against the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions. They convene a global ecosystem and marketplace – social entrepreneurs, investors, foundation and nonprofit leaders, government and policy leaders, creators, corporations, academics and beyond –through live and digital content experiences that educate, spur collaboration, and inspire investment in positive impact.

19 - 21 October, Virtual Event

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Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) will host this annual Conference virtually — to bring you thought-provoking plenaries, informative breakout sessions, and time to connect with others in the CDFI industry — wherever you are. This inspiring, three-day event will engage public and private sector thought leaders in a dialogue with CDFIs about today’s most pressing issues

20 - 21 October, Monaco

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The Sustainability & Impact Investor Forum takes place as part of the IM|Power platform of events, bringing together a community of senior professionals in Monaco for the chance to network, learn and connect. Attendees will automatically get access to the other events on the platform including: FundForum International, IM|Power Leaders, Inside ETFs Europe

25 - 26 October, Bail, Indonesia

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The spotlight is now on Southeast Asia as it plans to reignite the economy sustainably, with a focus on social entrepreneurship, future skilling, and ecotourism. This is the Asian Decade - an opportunity for social investors - from philanthropists to investors, corporates to policymakers, researchers to entrepreneurs - to take advantage of the fluid developments in the region, and unlock its full potential in the next decade.

At the two-day AVPN Southeast Asia Summit we invite members and partners to: connect with one another and identify synergies with unlikely allies, learn best practices and adopt innovative approaches from leading practitioners and act on untapped, high-impact social investment opportunities.

27 October, Virtual Event

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Impact Seminar Series 2021 consists of two afternoon programmes that encourage investor discussions about the challenges and opportunities of impact investments in public and private markets. In addition to joining a panel session on how to build an investment portfolio focused on public markets, investors can explore a select group of impact products in public equity and public debt through InvestorConnect sessions.

27 - 28 October, Virtual Event

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Social enterprises are often the glue that keeps rural communities together yet face a range of challenges different to those in urban communities. That's why we are partnering with leading rural social enterprises in Canada, Australia, Scotland, India and elsewhere to create this event to support, connect and build the rural social enterprise community. Join SEWF’s first-ever virtual Rural Forum to connect and learn from rural social enterprises from around the world.

Top Sustainability Conferences in November

9 November, Virtual Event

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EVPA’s 2021 Annual Conference is for the extended impact community will feature inspiring perspectives from thought leaders and engaging discussions on societal recovery and transformation.

10 - 12 November, Seoul, South Korea

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As an economic powerhouse in Asia, the Northeast region has the potential to demonstrate its leadership in sustainable growth. With less than 10 years to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, social investors - from philanthropists to investors, corporates to policymakers, researchers to entrepreneurs - must take advantage of the vibrant and enabling ecosystem to drive the Asian Decade.

At the three-day AVPN Northeast Asia Summit, we invite members and partners to: connect with one another and identify synergies with unlikely allies, learn best practices and adopt innovative approaches from leading practitioners and act on untapped, high-impact social investment opportunities.

11 November, Hilversum, Netherlands

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The National Sustainability Congress will provide the attendees with the opportunity to meet sustainable entrepreneurs, CEOs, decision-makers and scenario planners who are (jointly) responsible for the strategic course of an organization, consultants, CSR and CSR managers, marketing and branding, public affairs, HR managers, researchers, policymakers and project leaders who deal with sustainability and social entrepreneurship, and investors in sustainable developments, impact investors.

15 November, Virtual Event

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The 7th annual AVCJ ESG Forum provides an educational platform for industry practitioners in the region to gather and share how they are tackling an array of issues from decarbonisation to LP reporting. The forum aims to provide attendees with a deep dive into the latest trends, activity and regulations affecting ESG integration and to foster dialogue and debate between LPs, GPs and industry participants.

24 November, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Impact Seminar Series 2021 - Private Market consists of two afternoon programmes that encourage investor discussions about the challenges and opportunities of impact investments in public and private markets. In addition to joining a panel session on the pros and cons of allocating capital in private markets, investors can explore a select group of impact products across private equity, private debt and real assets through InvestorConnect sessions.

Top Sustainability Conferences in December

2 December, Virtual Event

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At this year’s Investing for Good USA, in collaboration with FT Moral Money, institutional investors, asset managers, foundations, family offices, social entrepreneurs and others will discuss the potential for sustainable investing to accelerate global recovery—and what policies, measurement metrics and other tools need to be in place to maximise the impact of these fund flows.

2 December, London, United Kingdom

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ICUK, the organiser of the successful London Investor Show, last year launched a one-day conference and event for private investors dedicated to exploring this area in more detail. Providing education and information on sustainable and social investing, giving private investors more insight, more knowledge and more confidence to make the decisions best-suited to your own interpretation of how you can invest “for good”.

Now in its second year, The Sustainable and Social Investing Conference seeks to address many of the questions often asked by investors looking for more information on how to navigate this area, prior to making your choices.

8 - 11 December, California, United States

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The annual Social Venture Circle’s conference connects early-stage social entrepreneurs seeking capital with investors who have the means. The event content and speakers fill a diverse set of interests and themes, as past speakers have included; Anand Giridharadas, Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s, and many more. The event breakouts have themed everything from mindful leadership, to growth and sustainability for triple bottom line businesses, to climate change.

Past Conferences and Events in 2021

Top Sustainability Conferences in March

16 March, Virtual Event

The Israel Impact Summit is one of the main platforms for Israeli impact startups and innovative initiatives to expose themselves to the world. The Summit is founded and led by TechForGood, an Israeli based company leading impact innovation alliances and programs . With key players in the impact ecosystem participating in it, the Summit attracts thousands of people and organizations from all over the world.

17 March, Virtual Event

The Sustainable Investment Summit offers pension funds, insurance companies, charities and corporates the opportunity to both learn and network alongside their peers at such a key time for the sustainable investment industry. This one-day conference is open to all those concerned with investment in this area and will offer delegates up-to-date knowledge and guidance they need to help them understand all aspects of the sustainable investment market – from negative screening to impact investment and give them the tools to not only meet their goals but exceed them to the benefit of their organisations and members.

27 – 28 March, Virtual Event

The 21st Annual Social Enterprise Conference is hosted and organized by graduate students from Harvard’s Business School and Kennedy School. The conference is jam-packed and welcomes well over 500 attendees with breakouts, keynotes, a showcase, and a pitch competition. The organizers with Harvard describe the event’s mission as “educating attendees about the potential for social enterprises to solve the world’s most pressing problems.” Last year’s topics included; fixing non-profit workplace culture, funding social ventures, activating youth for social change, and plenty more.

Top Sustainability Conferences in April

10 - 11 April, Taipei, Taiwan

Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit invites global stakeholders to discuss and co-create the future development of impact investment through analyzing potential innovative industries and visiting benchmark companies in Taiwan. In addition to sharing Taiwan’s experience, the summit also enhances global visibility and investment opportunities to build up a supportive network for social innovation.

13 - 14 April, Virtual Event

The ESG & Impact Investing Forum is a great opportunity for impact investors, and a meeting point for top influencers, experienced investors, money managers, and service providers that are leading the charge in this ever-growing space.

Themes of defining impact investing, portfolio construction, asset class opportunities, comparing ESG vs Impact trends and the role of the investor are some of the stimulating topics to be covered at this event.

14 - 16 April, Virtual Event

Shift 2021 is an exciting new virtual event from some of the most passionate players in the social and environmental impact space rallying to make business a force for good. Over three days, this event will cover topics around personal development, business development, and overall ecosystems change.

21 - 22 April, Virtual Event

This year the conference has nine finalist companies presenting at the annual pitch competition on April 22nd at Dallas Baptist University. The event will invite engaging speakers including keynote luncheon speaker, Paula Faris, Emmy-Award winning journalist and author.

Top Sustainability Conferences in May

11 - 13 May, Virtual Event

The 2021 Frontiers of Social Innovation Conference is enacting an Equitable Future” featured senior leaders of non-profit organizations, philanthropy, academia, business, and government addressing how the social innovation community can respond to a world struggling with a global pandemic, continued racial injustices, and assaults on democracy.

24 - 26 May, Virtual Event

The Impact Investor Forum will be taking place virtually for the first time in May and will mobilise private market institutions to engage with the growing momentum in impact investments and allocations. Hear from industry leaders creating scalable, positive change and explore how you can implement impact principles and methodologies into your portfolio to create greater value.

Join over 300 attendees from specialist impact fund managers, general asset managers and institutional investors for two days of networking at the must-attend event for impact investment professionals.

25 May, Virtual Event

As ESG investing continues to evolve in the new normal, the Financial Times is also adapting and is delighted to convene the online Investing for Good: Mainstreaming ESG Summit. The virtual conference will bring together asset owners and asset managers, policy makers and advisors, data providers and analysts, from Europe and beyond, to evaluate how the crisis has impacted the momentum for ESG investing, and to develop key plans and priorities for 2021 and beyond.

25 May, Virtual Event

This year the conference will gather virtually, with the objective of delivering a more inclusive and accessible Summit. For three days the program will explore innovations and spark discussion around the systems that we believe can drive the greatest impact toward a more just and flourishing society.

25 May, Virtual Event

SIS21 Scaleup Impact Summit is the global conference for futurists like you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, creator, business contributor or investor, you are part of this movement. Get the deepest insights, access the most powerful networks and leverage highly curated interactions. We are all creating the future(s) together.

25 -27 May, Virtual Event

The 2021 Engage for Good (EFG) features three days of an endless social impact learning and it provides the attendees with the opportunities to gain insights into career development, good business, marketing insights, non-profit strategy etc.

Top Sustainability Conferences in June

8 - 10 June, Virtual Event

The Social Innovation Summit is an annual event that represents a global convening of black swans and wayward thinkers. Where most bring together luminaries to explore the next big idea, the event bring together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it.

15 - 16 June, Virtual Event

Reuters Events ESG Investment North America 2021 is the most respected meeting place for institutional asset owners, asset managers, regulators, standard setters and data providers to discuss how to put ESG at the core of investment strategy. The industry-led agenda has been designed to deliver both strategic insights and tactical guidance on how to accelerate ESG integration plans, scale innovative sustainable and social products, access verified data, and refine engagement strategy. Join us, as ESG redefines the future of investment.

15 - 18 June, Virtual Event

The US SIF Member Day and Annual Conference offer a unique opportunity to network with leaders of the sustainable and impact investing community and to learn about new approaches, trends and policy developments in the field. Since the inaugural event in 2011, the conference has attracted representatives of investment management and advisory firms, asset owners, research firms, financial planners and advisors, broker-dealers, and community development institutions, along with policymakers and corporate leaders.

30 June - 3 July, Virtual Event

The ESG Conference will bring together the whole of the £2 trillion UK pensions investment chain, An three-day programme with a dynamic mix of keynote speeches, educational sessions, topic deep dives, and quick-fire updates, built around key themes and hot topics will cover every angle of ESG. Dedicated exclusively to the pensions sector.

Top Susainability Conferences in July

13 July, Virtual Event

The Impact Investing Institute in the UK launched a new set of case studies of impact investments in emerging and frontier markets made by institutional investors, including pension funds. The case studies are accompanied by asset class profiles, which summarise key asset class trends and opportunities in emerging and frontier markets for an audience of institutional investors.

The event will explore the opportunities for impact investment available to pension funds in emerging markets based on key findings from the case studies.

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