Simple Launcher, developed by Cloud Innovation Studio, is a great mobile app that can change the entire look of your smartphone device, making them easier to use. Typically, it comes with big icons, big buttons, and big text for easy reading. These features can be very useful for older adults and partially sighted users who cannot see that well on the screen.

Photo Credit: Simple Launcher Official Website

Price: Free

Compared to other popular android launchers, this app has the closest interface to the default home screen layout. This app is suitable for those who like the regular smartphone interface and just need some extra help of enlarging the fonts and icons.

This launcher is very friendly, easy to use, but you may find that it is tricky to uninstall it. The article below will show you the steps of how to uninstall the simple launcher from your android phone and reinstall the original interface.

How to Turn Off SImple Launcher?

1. From a Home screen, tab the Settings option.

Photo: Simple Launcher Home Screen

2. Tab Notifications and Apps.

3. Next, look for an option called See all apps.

4. Scroll down to find the Simple Launcher application.

5. The last step is to tab the Home screen option, and then you will get the original interface

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