Today, seniors are embracing technology more than ever. But there are still many older adults who find modern smartphones either too confusing or hard to read. Similarly, younger folks with sight loss may also struggle to read tiny texts and icons on a smartphone. The good news is that you can try to change the look of the phone with Android third-party launcher apps to deal with those problems. Here, we list the best Android launchers that make smartphones easier to read for seniors and visually impaired folks.

What is Android Launcher?

Android Launcher, also called Simple Mode or Simple Launcher, is a mobile app that can change the entire look of your smartphone device, making them easier to use. Typically, it comes with big fonts, big buttons, and big text for easy reading. These features can be very useful for older adults and visually impaired users who cannot see that well on smartphones. Launcher will change the way your home screen looks and even affect other elements of your devices such as gestures and the app tray, but those changes may not be system wide. There may still be certain apps and elements of the UI that will retain their original default layouts.

Finding the suitable ones can also be confusing and time-consuming when there are so many launchers out there on Google Play Store. Below is a list of the best choices for your parents and grandparents, or folks who are having reading difficulties.

1. Simple Mode

The first one on our list is Simple Mode. You can already tell from the app name that it highlights a very simplistic design that tries to strip out the complexities of using a smartphone. This app shows information in large blocks with very simple icon grid layout and basic core functions. This goes well with any backdrop and doesn’t hinder the user’s ability to read the text.

Photo: Simple Mode Interface

Price: Free

2. Big Launcher

Big Launcher simplifies an Android phone’s home screen with a plain background and enables a grid-based arrangement. The four blocks are huge to read, with similarly sized big icons.

The launcher’s home screen doesn’t show any app names, but the icons have unique, bright gradients that someone with poor vision can still easily identify. This section also features a SOS button for calling emergency contacts.

Photo: Big Launcher interface

Price: Free to download, but with in-app purchases.

3. Simple Launcher

Compared to the other launchers in this list, this app has the closest interface to the default Android home screen layout. This app is suitable for those who like the regular Android interface and just need some extra help of enlarging the fonts and icons.

Left: Regular Layout v.s. Right: Sinple Launcher Layout

Price: Free

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